Conference Agenda 2018

November 23th, 2018
16:30-17:00Conference Registration (Liria Building)
Opening Ceremony
Moderator: Dr. Odeta Shkreli
Prof.Asoc.Dr. Endrit Xhina
Head of the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana
Prof.Dr. Spiro Drushku
Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana
Prof.Dr. Mynyr Koni
Rector of the University of Tirana
Prof.Asoc.Dr. Alda Kika
Vice- Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana
Prof. Aldo Dragoni
“Marche Polytechnic University”, Ancona, Italy
18:00-19:00Coffee Break
November 24th, 2018
8:30-9:00Conference Registration (Building B, 1st Floor Hall)
9:00-9:30Invited Speaker: Prof. Aldo Dragoni (Building B, Room 101)
Building B, Room 101Building B, Room 301
e-Government & Information Systems ModelingData Analytics & Information Retrieval
Moderator: Endri XhinaModerator: Ana Ktona
9:30 - 9:45Mario Hak, Berislav Andrlic and Marko Sostar - Using Information Technology in Business Process Re-Engineering: Case Study of Tax Administration CroatiaRoland Vasili, Endri Xhina, Ilia Ninka and Thomas Souliotis - A Comparative Review of Text Mining & Related Technologies
9:45-10:00Odeta Shkreli and Alba Como - Main challenges of the Governments’ digitalization processSilvana Greca, Anxhela Kosta and Suela Maxhelaku - Optimizing data retrieval by using Mongodb with Elasticsearch.
10:00-10:15Endri Xhina and Jonida Shehu - Business Modeling using OntologiesEleni Stefani and Klesti Hoxha - Implementing Triple-Stores using NoSQL Databases
10:15-10:30Ana Ktona, Anila Paparisto, Enilda Shkembi, Adelajda Baci, Denada Collaku and Jezuina Koroveshi - Information System design in support of Albanian biodiversity conservation.Nevila Baci, Albert Tollkuçi, Dorela Karaj and Kevin Kostreci - Use TrinityWiz to analyze social networking data, based on a data set.
10:45-11:15Coffee Break ( Building B, 2nd Floor Hall)
Building B, Room 101Building B, Room 301
11:30-12:30HCI & Multi-Agent Systems & Emerging TechnologiesComputer Vision & Image Processing
Moderator: Alda KikaModerator: Olti Qirici
11:30-11:45Alda Kika and Aldo Koni - Hand gesture recognition using convolutional neural network and histogram of oriented gradients featuresS. Rayhan Kabir, Md. Akhtaruzzaman and Rafita Haque - Performance Analysis of Different Feature Detection Techniques for Modern and Old Buildings
11:45-12:00Aldo Franco Dragoni, Paolo Sernani and Davide Calvaresi - When Rationality Entered Time and Became a Real Agent in a Cyber-SocietyOzgur Kaplan and Ediz Saykol - Comparison of Support Vector Machines and Deep Learning for Vehicle Detection
12:00-12:15Kejsi Struga and Olti Qirici - Bitcoin Price Prediction with Neural NetworksXhensila Poda and Olti Qirici - Shape detection and classification using OpenCV and Arduino Uno
12:15-12:30Edlira Martiri and Gentjana Muca - DMS-XT: a blockchain-based document management system for secure and intelligent archivalDenis Sinanaj and Dezdemona Gjylapi - Colorizing grayscale images using neural networks
Lunch Break (Building B, 2nd Floor Hall)
Poster Session (Building B, 2nd Floor Hall)
Era Adem and Areti Bojaxhiu - Adoption of an E-Book System Based On Eve Platform Using a Distributed Control
Schema of a Virtual Network
Valbona Dhjaku, Nevila Xoxa, Albion Bame and Igli Tafa - Comparing NTFS File System with ETX4 File System
Berislav Andrlic, Marko Sostar and Anton Devcic - Customer Relationship Management in EU Project Application: Research Study of Agronet System
Loreta Leka and Alda Kika - Enhancing Moodle to adapt to students different learning styles
Desa Avxhi and Areti Bojaxhiu - Eve: A Multi-Agent Approach to an Open-Source and Web-Based Platform
Suela Maxhelaku, Endri Hoxha and Alda Kika - Fingerprint attendance system for students and academic staf
Genti Progri and Petrika Marango - Following a bright object through a simple computer-controlled system
Eljona Proko, Alketa Hyso and Dezdemona Gjylapi - Machine Learning Algorithms in Cyber Security
Nensi Skenderi and Areti Bojaxhiu - Semantic Knowledge Management and Ontology Development for Online Library
Building B, Room 101Building B, Room 301
e-Health & e-BusinessMachine Learning and Data Science
Moderator: Bora BimbariModerator: Denis Saatçiu
14:15-14:30Suela Maxhelaku, Astrit Veliu, Alda Kika and Silvana Greca - The use of a smart application to track activities for achieving an active and healthy lifeNelda Kote, Marenglen Biba and Elena Canaj - Bayesian Networks : A State-Of-The-Art Survey
14:30-14:45Petrika Manika, Elda Xhumari, Ana Ktona and Aurela Demiri - Application of ontologies and semantic web technologies in the field of medicineEralda Gjika Dhamo, Lule Basha Hallaçi and Ana Ktona - A Probabilistic Model to Predict the Time Out of Service for Electronic Devices
14:45-15:00Petrika Manika, Elina Jaupllari and Endri Xhina - Implementing a Solution to Communicate with APN Server for Sending Push NotificationsAlma Braimllari Spaho and Elva Mezini - Modeling and forecasting the diffusion of ATM/POS terminals and debit/credit cards in Albania
15:00-15:15Erarda Vuka and Olta Petritaj - A Review on Traditionally ETL Process for Better Approach in Business IntelligenceDode Prenga and Safet Sula - Some suggestions for graduate students and scholars undertaking quantitative interdisciplinary research: remarks from the practice
Closing Speech