Conference Agenda


RTA-CSIT Conference Agenda






November 18th, 2016


Albanian Academy of Sciences, "Aleks Buda" Hall


Conference Registration




Opening Ceremony


Moderator: Prof.Asoc.Alda Kika


Prof.Asoc.Dr. Endrit Xhina


Head of Department of Informatics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana


Prof.Dr. Spiro Drushku


Dean of Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana


Prof.Dr. Mynyr Koni


Rector of University of Tirana


Z. Erion Veliaj


Major of Municipality of Tirana


Prof. Flavio Corradini


Rector of University of Camerino


Prof. Aldo Dragoni


Ancona University


Coffee Break




November 19th, 2016


Faculty of Natural Sciences, Building B


Conference Registration (Building B, 1st Floor Hall)




Invited Speaker: Nikitas Karanikolas (Building B, Room 103)

"Handling Dialectal Resources of a language"


Building B, Room 103



Data Mining & Information Retrieval



Moderator: Ana Ktona, Nikitas Karanikolas



9:30 - 9:45

N. Karanikolas - Extractive summarization methods–subtitles and method combinations




G. Kono, K. Hoxha - Named Entity Recognition in Albanian Based on CRFs Approach




D. Gjylapi, E. Proko, A. Hyso - Genetic Algorithm Neural Network model vs Backpropagation Neural Network model for

GDP Forecasting



A .Massaro, D. Barbuzzi, V. Vitti, A. Galiano, M. Aruci, G. Pirlo - Predictive sales analysis according to the effect of




D.Fatusha, A.Ktona - Big Data In Telco




Coffee Break ( Building B, 2nd Floor Hall)




Invited Speaker: Giuseppe Pirlo (Building B, Room 103)

"Automatic Signature Verification for the eSociety"





Building B, Room 103



Human Computer Interaction & Applied Informatics



Moderator: Alda Kika, Giuseppe Pirlo




L. Montanaro, P. Sernani, D. Calvaresi, A. F. Dragoni - A touchless human-machine interface for the control of an elevato




E. Gani, A. Kika, B. Goxhi - A Real-Time Vision Based System for Recognition of Static Dactyls of Albanian Alphabet




D. Calvaresi, A. Vincentini, A. Di Guardo, D. Cesarini, P. Sernani, A. F. Dragoni - Exploiting a touchless interaction to driv

a wireless mobile robot powered by a real-time operating system



T. Uzlu, E. Saykol - Utilizing Rust Programming Language for EFI-Based Bootloader Design




E. Sala - The network analysis of urban streets of Tirana




Lunch Break (Building B, 2nd Floor Hall)




Poster Session (Building B, 2nd Floor Hall)




B.Zanaj, Xh.Kallupi, E.Zanaj, D.Karaj, I.Gjermeni - Notifying system for bad parking and finessetting through GUI interface




M.Aruci, G.Lotito, G.Pirlo - Student Assessment by Optimal Questionnaire Design




E.Martiri, E. Ibrahimi - Protection of Iris Samples With the Glass Maze Algorithm




S.Maxhelaku, A.Kika, S.Greca, A.Rroji - Building a neurological patient multimedia database for information retrieval


patients in neurologic department


V.Dhjaku, N.Xoxa and K.Berberi - Interoperability of e-government services




L.Hamolli, M.Hafizi - L2 point vs. geosynchronous orbit for parallax effect by simulations



Dh.Kote, A.Kika - Sensor and arduino based monitoring system in Albanian agricultural domain




P.Manika, E.Xhumari, J.Fejzaj - GPU programming using C++ AMP




E.Xhumari, P.Manika - Application of artificial neural networks in medicine




N.Xoxa, V.Dhjaku, I.Tafa - Genetic Algorithms in Traveling Salesman Problem




L.Leka, A.Kika, S.Greca - Adaptivity In Elearning Systems




A.Ktona, I.Bilo, D.Çollaku, Xh.Melo - Data science in sensing machine generated data




A. Ktona, E. Muça, E. Vrenozi, D. Çollaku, A. Çomo - Data Science to measure the consumer perception on food safety




Building B, Room 103



e-Business & Cloud Computing



Moderator: Endrit Xhina, Barbara Re




F. Corradini, B. Re - The European Digital Agenda and the Impact of ICT on Public Administrations and Small and Mediu




A. Rexhepi, S. Filiposka, V. Trajkovik - The Social Networking for eGovernment: An initial assessment of Web 2.0 tools

used by the Kosovo Central Government



S. Kitanov, T. Janevski - Energy Efficiency of 5G Mobile Networks in Hybrid Fog and Cloud Computing Environment




O. Qirici - Study on the possibility of automatic conversion between BusinessObjects Universes and Oracle Business

Intelligence Repositories



R. Kapaj, A. Thaçi, A. Kika - Albanian Mobile Assistant for Chronic Diseases




Closing Speech