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Conference Agenda

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RTA-CSIT  Conference Agenda
December 13, 2014


Conference Registration (Building D, Room D2)


Invited Speaker: Martin Bartisaans - An Overview of IEEE (Building D, Room D2)


Invited Speaker:  Pervin Gjikuria, Abissnet (Building D, Room D2)


Paralell Sessions

Building D, Room D2

Building D, Room D3

Data Mining & Image Processing  Moderator: I.Ninka, A.Ktona

e-Business, e-Government & e-Health Moderator: E.Xhina, A.Dragoni

 M. Aruci, G. Pirlo - Forensic Analysis System for handwritten signatures

D. Vito, G. Casagrande, C. Bianchi, M. L. Costantino - A novel database approach to gather clinical data on dialysis treatments

G. Silahtaroğlu, E. Şaykol, I. Doğan, A. Kocamaz - On the Use of Analytics in Turkey A Data Mining Analysis

P. Calvaresi, A. F. Draconi, M. Pierdicca, D. Calvaresi, P. Sernani - 3D Simulation for Ambient Assisted Living: Interaction through Mobile Application

A. Nuro, E. Marku, A. Kika, B. Murtaj, K. Dule - Study of Some Organic Pollutants in Patoku Lagoon Using Cluster Analysis

K. Sevrani, T. Tavanxhiu - The two structured CRM - An innovative approach to customizing a core layer of a CRM through a business layer

E. Naka, A. Bitri - A Survey of Classification, Clustering and Association Techniques in some Data Mining Software

A. Alberici, B. Munguli - The business drivers for technical innovations on client-side web applications

B. Llupo, A. Ktona, D. Xhaja, Xh. Melo, I. Ninka - The Study And Application of Data Mining Methods Analyzing Text to Extract Useful Information

O, Kromiçi, E. Xhina - An Information System Model for the Collection of Public Budget Institutions Revenues

M. Sota, Xh. Palushi, A. Ktona, D. Xhaja, I. Ninka - The Collection Of Data Used On Creation Of a Model To Predict Recidivism

B. Dhimitri, K. Hoxha - Business Process Remodeling Using BPMN

Xh. Melo, I. Ninka, A. Ktona, I. Malolli - Mobile Big Data and Potentials of Mobile Data Mining

E. Thomaj, B. Bimbari, J. Fejzaj - Modelling for interoperability and usage of .NET ESB solutions


Lunch Break (Building D, Room D4)


Invited Speaker: Yannis Manolopoulos - Scientometric-based methods for ranking scientists, journals and
universities: A critical review (Building D, Room D2)


Invited Speaker: Agim Beka , CEO Microsoft Albania (Building D, Room D2)


Paralell Sessions

Building D, Room D2

Building D, Room D3

Cloud Computing, Location Based Services and Scientometrics
Moderator: A. Kika, M.Karcanaj

Networks. Distributed Systems & Information Security Moderator: J.Fejzaj, B.Bimbari

V. Prifti, O. Kurti, A. Binaj, I. Tafa, D. Saatçiu - Increasing Security in Virtual Cloud

J. Fejzaj, D. Mani, I. Tafa, B. Bimbari, D. Saatçiu - Network Design, High Availability on Corporate Design

B. Rexha, B. Likaj, H. Lajqi - Assuring security in private clouds using ownCloud

A. Goro, A. Uka - The performance of DSR and OLSR Protocol on MANET Network

A. Kika, L. Hajdëri, S. Salillari, R. Alimehmeti - Optimization Of Data Mining in Weka through Cloud Platform

A. Bojaxhiu, G. Dhimo, B. Zanaj, A. Dhëmbi - Applying of different models for web applications security

M. Karçanaj, B. Pirani - Government Private Cloud Implementation – Albanian case

B. Rexha, L. Shala, E. Qerimi - Increasing SMS privacy using AES encryption algorithm in Android application

A. Papa, K. Hoxha - Crowdsourcing road traffic information through mobile phones

E. Gani, R. Kapaj, E. Xhina, L. Zhaka - SQL Injection Attacks and Prevention Techniques - A Survey

F. Lashi, D. Saatçiu - Empowering tourism businesses through ICT innovation in Albania

E. Martiri, E. Ibrahimi - Biometrics Vulnerabilities: How Hackers Are Using Them

A. Sidiropoulos, D. Katsaros, Z. Manolopoulos - Novel Scientometric Indicators to Characterize an Individual's Scientific Research Output

Dh. Terpo, E. Xhina, I. Bilo - Integrated One-Stop-Shop model for local government


Invited Spekaer: Dilian Gurov - Modular Software Verification (Building D, Room D2)


Paralell Sessions

Building D, Room D2

Building D, Room D3

GIS & Image Processing Moderator: E.Xhina, O.Qirici

e-Learning Moderator: D.Saatciu, E.Kalemi

E. Zanaj, E. Gjerga, B. Zanaj, I. Tafa, A. Bojaxhiu - Contour detection by applying different filtering methods

N. Cengiz, A. Uka - Perceptions of Teachers and Administrators Regarding the K12ms Automation System

D. Prenga, E. Vuka - Combined methods and algorithms in the study of complex systems

E. Kalemi, K. Tola, M. Dera, S. Bushati - Implementation of an academic staff evaluation system using the latest technologies

Sh. Kuka, E. Kuka, T. Myftiu, A. Naco - A View on Some Open Source Technologies for Extracting Raster Values to Vector Points (Qgis, GRASS GIS)

Sh. Caslli - Enhancing Studying of Engineering Materials through Using CES EduPack.doc


V. Sinko - Optimal grouping of elementary topics into subjects